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Beautiful Handwriting and Learning Calligraphy was my aim since my childhood. Wherever I got an opportunity, I tried writing Calligraphy on my own. But I wanted to learn methodically. I approached many people in Delhi but they said they teach only for kids and not for adults. I was disappointed. At the age of 55 I wanted to learn Handwriting and Calligraphy and my wife was laughing at me. I got to know about Yogeshwari Institute through Net and joined those courses at this Institute, when I visited Bangalore for one of my relative’s marriage. My wife was shocked to see my Calligraphy Skills and New Handwriting. I got a new passion at this age, thanks to Mr.Bhaskar. I liked your flexible timings,coaching and enthusiasm to teach. Thank you.

Deepak Mishra, New Delhi.

I joined Fast Track Course to improve my long term dream of improving Handwriting at Sri Yogeshwari Institute. I really liked the idea of Fast Track course of Two days, since I am residing in Chennai. Long back, I had seen your website and the course details. Never thought I will land up at Bangalore to improve my Handwriting. I am extremely happy and satisfied with my new handwriting style and my dream came true at your institute. I thank you for your excellent individualized coaching.

Mr.Gunasekaran Palanivel, Chennai.

I am B.E student, my writing was to worst everyone suggestion was to improve it. I came here to improve my writing and the result is, I have improved my writing. You will get the worth of money, if want more than what you had paid interact more with the instructor.

G.R.Vijaykumar Gupta, BE Student.

The most important thing is the quality of individual care by the master and in the class there is no time restriction and we can go to the class whenever we are free that is we can go to class between 4 to 9pm any one hour. The benefit I got is that simple style of writing which looks awesome. Before I had little bit of temper, but due to change of handwriting as suggested by my master my temper was normal and especially there was rise in confidence level. In the class it is not just about coming and going, we will interact with the master with other topics also and most important benefit I got is writing the simple style of English in beautiful and impressive manner in lesser time. Now I am completly satisfied for what I have paid is worth have beautiful handwriting.

Suhas, Studying B.Com.

I have joined the Institute with just the intention of improving my handwriting without much awareness. Even after completing graduation in Civil Engineering I never had access to improve my handwriting. During Job shift in Bangalore, I have researched on the web and found a lot of interesting and motivating information on Sri Yogeashwari Institute of Handwriting with all details of Fees and duration. With the idea of information from the website I went enquired and joined without hesitation. I have learnt that Handwriting is the Heart and Soul of a Human being, I wondered and amazed with the expert guidance of Mr.Bhashkar. I was overwhelming with the pleasure of the new skill and with curiosity I have joined Calligraphy and later joined Personality Development Classes as well. There were so many things which I realized, I have overcome fear, realized my goals a few to mention. With my Handwriting analyzed, Bhashkar Sir has devised techniques with handwriting therapy which showed me the path into the future. His curriculum included handwriting the sayings of Swami Vivekananda which gave me positive thinking. Being an adult he has also taught me lessons from his personal experiences. I felt myself being blessed by him as a guru. If anyone is really serious about improving your life not only handwriting this is the right place without a second thought. I am greatly thankful to the institute.

Mr.Jayanna K H, Engineer, Mysore.

Your Handwriting Analysis were really correct. I got to know some of the things which I never guessed and got to know both positive and negative aspects in my personality. This is really useful to many people I think. Out of curiosity I got my handwriting analyzed. When you said I need to send my Handwriting Sample in a plain sheet having 10 lines accompanying Demand Draft. I thought it is troublesome and left it. After watching your Programme in Suvarna I got interest. However, it was worth the efforts, I must say.

Ms.Shilpa, Hubli.

I am Dharmendra Jain. I am doing B.E. Computer Science. I always had some kind of fear bothering me before my Semester Exams and put me into lot of Stress, even though I am intelligent and hard working. I used to get lot of perspiration, mental blockage and a sense of loneliness before the Exams. My parents suggested me to visit Counselling Centres and I attended 89 sessions to get rid of my problems. However, It could solve my problem a little. I read a lot of Personality Development Books to overcome my problem, Joined Meditation Classes, attended Personality Development Workshop to get Self Confidence, Concentration and to overcome Stress in Studies etc., I almost tried everything. I got only partial results and had to waste lot of time and money. I was really fed up. One day, I discussed this problem with my friend Santhosh and asked his help, whether he knows any kind of permanent solution to my problem. Immediately, he told me to get my Handwriting Analyzed to find out my true problems in my Personality. I laughed at him and said that my Handwriting is really good and why should I get it analyzed. Then he said, he got his Handwriting Analyzed by Mr.Bhaskar since he had problem with his Short Temperament and Inter Personal problems and got it solved through 30 Days Personality Development Course. I took almost three months to get my handwriting analyzed. I was really shocked to hear all my strengths, negativities, fears etc., and Mr.Bhaskars predictions were 100 accurate. I was spellbound by his Analysis. I asked him the solution and he assured me of results in Personality Development Class. I immediately joined and it was really a TURNING POINT in my Life. Now, I see a New Life and all my Fear, Anxieties and Stress got solved and I am having very clear Vision and Goal in my life and working towards it without any fear or anxiety. Now I wonder, If I had joined earlier, I would not have wasted my time and my father would not have wasted his money. Thanks Mr.Bhaskar.

Dharmendra Jain, BE Student.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by Profession working for an Automotive MNC. To build my Career to the next level I wanted personality honing. I searched in the Net for Personality Development Courses in Google Search Engine. I happen to check the best personality development courses compared to others, in their website www.handwritingaone.com. I happen to see all the details of the Course,Fee and FAQs. This gave me a clear Idea how the Course is handled. The Course was Very Professional and Flexible. Mr. Bhaskar has taken a personal INTEREST and helped me to improve myself. as he takes personal interest in every individual. As I handle 5 people in my projects, I have to Mentor, get Status Updates, conduct Weekly meetings, people look at me for best attitude, communication and good presentation skills and I wanted to have best skills in those. I joined the course and the results are that now I am totally clear of my Tasks, Handle it in a much better Professional way than i used to handle previously. Now i Feel that all my efforts in travelling all the way from Indiranagar to Vijayanagar gave me the Fruits. I strongly Recommend every Professional to have these Personality Development Course at this Institute.

Mr.Pavan Kumar, Team Leader, MNC.

Hello Sir. I saw your TV Programme in Suvarna T.V. I felt very happy to see you in Television. I thank you for guiding my daughter regarding her career selection. Now she has completed her M.B.A. and well placed in MNC company. When she was having lot of doubts about her course selections, you really guided her and she remembers that.

Smt.Saraswathamma, Mysore.

I am Rishab. I study in a school called St.Martins in London, United Kingdom. I am in Year 7. In India we call 7th Standard. I came on vacation to India to visit my family. I wanted to keep myself busy by learning some new courses. I joined this very motivating course to improve my Handwriting along with Confidence, Memory and Attitude. It has worked out really well. I have improved much more than I thought in just 30 Days. Most people at my home have seen my new Handwriting and really liked. Thanks to Mr.Bhaskar. I recommend it to each and everybody.

Master. Rishab, 7th Std Student.

I am a student studying I PUC. I was very studious in school but my handwriting was really worst and my teachers always used to insist me to improve my handwriting before my SSLC Exams. Luckily, I joined the classes in January 2010 before two months of my Board Exams. Within 30 days I could see miracles in my handwriting and my parents and teachers really appreciated my handwriting. I scored 92 in SSLC. I thank the Institute for imparting new skill to me.

Kumari.Manasa M Gowda, I PUC, Bangalore.

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