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What is Signature Analysis?

newhome3Signature Analysis means the study of overall pattern of the signatures comprising of size, width, formations, upward movements, downward movements, compressed ones or broader ones, legible or illegible, etc., On the basis of a comprehensive study of a Signature, we can broadly find out their basic instincts of personality when they are presenting themselves among people.

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Signature is also Unique & Different in each individuals:

Most of us have Bank Accounts. Each branch of a Bank may have thousands of customers. In those thousands, people having our name with different initials or exactly the same name with same initials may also be operating their bank accounts. Do the bank officials pay our money to somebody else? How do they pay each customer their money when they withdraw it even when they are of similar names? As all of us know with common sense, that It is because the bank officials will examine our SPECIMEN SIGNATURE, verify and compare them and then will pay our money. So, our Signature is unique and different and reflect our Identity. Sometimes, certain signatures may look similar but not the same. Isn’t?

Difference between Signature Analysis & Handwriting Analysis:

Handwriting Analysis reveals more about our inner personality which may not be known either by our family members, friends, colleagues or other acquaintances. It reveals more of our Personality characters in the subconscious mind level. However, Signature Analysis deals with your main identity process such as how you feel about yourself when you are around friends, strangers, colleagues & family members or about what kind of a self image you are projecting among people or how do you want people to know or understand you when you are interacting with them.

Signature Correction/ Lucky Signature Guidance:  Why should I get my Signature Analysis?

As already stated, by getting a Signature Analysis of a person, first one can find out their True Identity. Sometimes, certain individuals signature would show up with unwanted, destructive, irrelevant stroke formations in their Signatures. Any common man cannot find out those minor destructive or negative identity. In those cases, get a proper Scientific Signature Analysis and Guidance to change their Signatures. This would help them to get a BETTER SELF-IDENTITY. It can also said to prove lucky to the individual and can call a LUCKY SIGNATURE.

Signature Forgery Detection / Examination of Signature Authenticity:

Generally people find that sometimes they would not have signed some documents and find that there is a signature similar to them and somebody else might have forged it for malafide purposes. In those cases, it requires the examination of the disputed signature of the person alongwith the admitted signatures. It has a very lengthy scientific process to find out the true fact behind the disputed signatures and give a report on that. Sometimes, the forged signature may be in a vital document involving money, property, personal rights, bank challans, cheques etc.,

How can I get my / my family members / friends / relatives Signature Analysed & get a Lucky Signature:

Residents of Bangalore:

You can get your Signature Analyzed and find out your Identity process through Oral or Written Report. You can fix up an Appointment and visit our office.


You do not have to worry that you are not in Bangalore. Take a White sheet, use a Black Ball Point Pen and put three specimen signatures. Send the original paper through post or scan it with clarity and send it to our E-mail.

Signature Analysis and Signature Guidance related Words, Terminologies, Phrases, Abbreviations for easier Reference:


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