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Memory – Concentration

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Generally, students find difficulty to concentrate on their studies or to do any task for a longer duration with same amount of interest and zeal from the beginning till the end. There are various reasons for their inability to concentrate. There are people who completely lack concentration and there are people who has some percentage of difficulties. Hence, individually assessing their problem and giving remedial measures for better CONCENTRATION


  A strong and better memory is very important to any individual. Specifically, school and college students must possess better memory so as to answer the questions in their Examinations very well and to recollect what they studied.   Even middle and old aged persons find difficulty to remember or recollect things which happened in recent past.   There are instances where a student is very good in answering questions orally and finds very difficult to write the same in the similar way when it comes to Tests and Examinations.   There are various reasons for this too. This course would enable them to possess a curious mindset to give importance to details.


Any job or work requires a person to do it confidently and to the best of his ability. Presence of Self-Confidence and absence of fears play an important role in achieving what one wants. Specially, School and college students even if they possess very good qualities of a student or being very studious help them, presence of lack of confidence will play spoilsport. It is very important that they possess the quality of self-confidence which will enable them to show the stregth of character and certainly it will help them in their Examinations.   For example, even if a person possess good concentration level and a better memory, if he lacks self-confidence, his performance in tests and Exams will differ due to absence of confidence.

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