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Signature Analysis

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Signature Analysis means the study of overall pattern of the signatures comprising of size, width, formations, upward movements, downward movements, compressed ones or broader ones, legible or illegible, etc., On the basis of a comprehensive study of a Signature, we can broadly find out their basic instincts of personality when they are presenting themselves among people.

Signature is also Unique & Different in each individuals:

Most of us have Bank Accounts. Each branch of a Bank may have thousands of customers. In those thousands, people having our name with different initials or exactly the same name with same initials may also be operating their bank accounts. Do the bank officials pay our money to somebody else? How do they pay each customer their money when they withdraw it even when they are of similar names? As all of us know with common sense, that It is because the bank officials will examine our SPECIMEN SIGNATURE, verify and compare them and then will pay our money. So, our Signature is unique and different and reflect our Identity. Sometimes, certain signatures may look similar but not the same. Isn’t?

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